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To my future child,

            There are things that we can’t change, instances where we make mistakes or go down the wrong path and we blame ourselves for a long period of time because we can. Because we’re human and it is in our nature to beat up the only person we can really hurt the most, ourselves. I want you to know that every mistake that you make makes you who you are. And you are beautiful. You are smart and generous. You are important to me and to all the people that love you and have yet to meet you. You are kind. And you are going to accomplish so much because I have faith in you.

Have faith in yourself. Have faith in the fact that you are not perfect. No one is. Don’t ever strive for perfection because you will always be a day late and a dollar short and while you are perfect to me, everyone else will always have their own opinion. I love you. I actually adore you. And it’s impossible to tell you how much you mean to me. You are going to grow up knowing that even though you can’t see me, I’m always there cheering you on and that you always have someone in your corner. Don’t trust everyone but find people or a person you can trust. Test your limits, but don’t go too far. Be selfless, but don’t give away yourself for others. Be kind to yourself, but not selfish. Try new things, but know what things you shouldn’t. Don’t ever doubt yourself because there will always be someone doing that for you.

I hope you’re giving and that if there is anyone who ever needs a helping hand that you are there reaching out to help them. I hope that you see the best in everyone around you but that you notice that not everyone can make their way back to who they once were. I want you to know that there are bad people that you can’t fix or change so don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. People are going to disappoint you, hurt you, but even when you feel like you’ve been knocked down enough there is always a reason to get back up. There is always a yard that is prettier than yours so don’t compare yourself to others. People go through their own hardships so always try to put yourself in their shoes before you judge them. Judge people on their character and not what they look like. Actions speak louder than words and looks, for that matter.

I hope you know that family is everything as long as they treat you right and respect you. Our family will hold you up and hold you dear to their hearts. They’re good people just like you. And you are good because of them. Your grandparents, my mom and dad, raised me into the person I am and I love them and I hope you do too. I hope you love your family with everything you have. And I hope you recognize that we do, they do, everything they do for your best interest. Don’t ever believe that they are out to get you because they’re the ones who pick you up when you fall. If you ever need anything, never hesitate to call. They’ll be there.

I will be missing you wherever I’m going so don’t think for a second that I ever wanted to leave you behind. You are everything that I ever wanted and I don’t regret anything because you’re alive. Know that I’m going to a better place and that I will be seeing you one day. Heaven is wherever I can still make sure you’re okay.

I love you. I’ll be missing you.

You’re devoted mom,


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